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We can now announce the winner to the $1,000 trivia contest. Congratulations to Brian Thacker (brianthacker2012)who got 18 out of 20 questions correct. His answers showed depth of knowledge regarding American world history. The cash prize will be forwarded to Brian within the next seven days.



There were technical difficulties for many of our followers in being able to enter the $1000 Presidents and Commanders Trivia Pursuit contest. These problems have now been corrected, and we are looking forward to your fresh responses!

Please send all Submissions to


We are giving away a $ 1,000 dollar savings bond to the lucky follower who best participates in our 20 question historical trivia contest. In order to make the “cut” you only have to answer six of the twenty questions correctly. However, the more you get right the better your odds of winning. Please make all submission by December 31, 2012 This will be the FINAL extension. The winner will be announced no later than January 10th, 2013 (Assuming the Mayans were not correct). This will allow us time to grade and score the responses. WE PAY PROMPTLY. The prize will be sent to the deserving winner forthwith.

The Presidents and Commanders Quiz questions:

(Please send in your answers with the number next to each response.)

1.Who upon visiting the White House for the first time said that it looked like it “had been furnished from a discount department store?”

2.What president was known as “His Accidentcy?”

3.What president kept a sandbox in his White House office into which he would spit tobacco juice from across the room? (They say he was very accurate.)

4.Who was the only preacher to ever become president?

5.What president honored for his integrity was known as “Ugly Honest.”

6.What president graduated form The College of New Jersey as it was then called?

7.What president faced and defeated the Shawnee Chief Tecumseh?

8.What famous commander killed a man for his alleged flirtious  affair with his wife?

9.Who made the following statement early in his career:” I know without egotism that there is some …slumbering thunder in my soul.”

10.Who is the first president known to have had false teeth?

11.What famous commander was five feet six inches tall (average for the time) even though his enemies claimed he was much shorter?

12.What president of the United States grew a beard at the suggestion of a young girl?

13.Who was known as “The Scourge Of God?”

14.Who started a major civil war when he crossed the Rubicon in 49 B.C.?

15.Who was the heaviest by weight of all the U.S. presidents?

16.Approximately how much did he weight at his biggest point?

17.Who was the tallest?

18.How tall was he?

19.What future president won fame as a Rough Rider?

20.What famous commander had a horse named Traveler?

Again, Please send all Submissions to

Thank you for your support.

Jared Knott – Author and Proprietor


1,000$ Trivia contest!

Greetings! Because of technical difficulties some people were having in entering the 1,000$ trivia contest, We are therefore extending the deadline to December 5th. We will announce the winners on December 10th, and they will receive their savings bond prize forthwith.(We pay promptly!) Because of the Thanksgiving holidays, we will not have a new post until the last week of this month. We will then begin Destiny’s Children-The Kennedy Family. Thank you for your kind interest and support!

Contest rules/ questions

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Dear Readers,

Thank you for the tremendous response to our invitation for THE $ 1,000 PRESIDENTS AND COMMANDERS TRIVIA CONTEST. However, we have encountered serious technical difficulties with installing the program for the contest. Therefore, the Grand Debut has been delayed until next week. Thank all of you for your understanding  We are adding an extra $ 100 savings bond to the grand prize to compensate you for your patience.

Never-the-less to reward your prompt response we have listed below a preview of the first three questions that will appear on the upcoming quiz. I think you will

find them interesting and entertaining. They are as follows:

  1. Who upon touring the White House for the first time said “It looks like it

has been decorated from a discount furniture store?

  1. What president, honored for his integrity was known as “Honest Ugly?”
  1. Who made the following statement early in his ambitious and successful life  “I know without egotism that there is some …slumbering thunder in my soul.”

In the final determination anyone who answers at least 20 out of the  25 questions will have a serious chance to win. The more you get right the better your chances of winning. Thank you again for your interest. It will be a huge amount of fun. We will see you next week.


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As an early bird teaser for the upcoming 1,000$ Presidents and commanders quiz, here is a teaser question.

Who said the following?

You must be a horse master;a scholar; a high minded gentleman; a cold blooded hero; a hot blooded savage.


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Who was married to “Lemonade Lucy” and why was she so called?

Who was the first president of the United States who was born an American citizen?