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Thought this was an interesting quote from Albert Einstein. Anyone agree or have insights?¬† I’d love to hear them.

It’s hard to detect good…

Posted: September 18, 2012 in Curious Quotes

It’s hard to detect good luck- It looks so much like something you’ve earned.
–Frank A. Clark

The main thing to remember is that the main thing is the main thing.
-Yogi Berra

I would rather be a comet streaking its way across the sky with every fiber of me aglow, than a somnolent, sleepy planet stumbling its way through space. I will not spend my days trying to prolong them. I will use my time.
-Jack London

The following quotes express two separate philosophies of life.

Not even all of the armie…

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Curious Quotes

“Not even all of the armies in the world can oppose an idea whose time has come.”
Attributed to Victor Hugo

Life breaks us all, and …

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Curious Quotes

Life breaks us all, and afterwards, many are stronger at the breaks.
-Ernest Hemingway

One of the greatest quotes of all time comes from Ernest Hemingway…

From Henry Kissinger: The great thing about being a celebrity is that when you bore people, they think it’s their fault.”

If you ever resort to violence, there is one thing you  must never do ; And that is to lose.