Contest rules/ questions

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Trivia Questions

Dear Readers,

Thank you for the tremendous response to our invitation for THE $ 1,000 PRESIDENTS AND COMMANDERS TRIVIA CONTEST. However, we have encountered serious technical difficulties with installing the program for the contest. Therefore, the Grand Debut has been delayed until next week. Thank all of you for your understanding  We are adding an extra $ 100 savings bond to the grand prize to compensate you for your patience.

Never-the-less to reward your prompt response we have listed below a preview of the first three questions that will appear on the upcoming quiz. I think you will

find them interesting and entertaining. They are as follows:

  1. Who upon touring the White House for the first time said “It looks like it

has been decorated from a discount furniture store?

  1. What president, honored for his integrity was known as “Honest Ugly?”
  1. Who made the following statement early in his ambitious and successful life  “I know without egotism that there is some …slumbering thunder in my soul.”

In the final determination anyone who answers at least 20 out of the  25 questions will have a serious chance to win. The more you get right the better your chances of winning. Thank you again for your interest. It will be a huge amount of fun. We will see you next week.

  1. Brian Thacker says:

    The first is Grover Cleveland, and the third James Garfield. I will get back to you on #2.

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