Posted: October 1, 2012 in Trivia Questions
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Who was married to “Lemonade Lucy” and why was she so called?

  1. hanspostcard says:

    President Rutherford B. Hayes’s wife- Lucy Hayes.. First Lady. The strongest drink they would serve at the White House- was Lemonade.. they were a fun bunch!

    • You are correct! Interestingly enough, you go the last trivia question correct as well..

      • I don’t know who you are but you are scary. ( That is a compliment.) We are going to have to change the rules of the contest to give mere mortals a chance. ( We are adding a random factor to the final selection. Its a little like handicapping a horse race. They put extra weight on the fastest horse.)

        We have some tough questions coming up this week that involve commanders as well as presidents. It will be interesting to see how well you do. Thank you for participating and please tell all of your friends to become followers. The $ 1,000 contest will begin this next week.


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