The first attempt to assassinate a president was on Andrew Jackson by Richard Lawrence, a house painter. Both of his guns misfired, however—an event that statisticians say could occur only once in 125,000 times. Andrew Jackson then chased Lawrence with his walking stick.

Harding was obsessed with poker and once bet an entire set of priceless White House China and lost it.

During his second run for presidency, Teddy Roosevelt was shot by a would-be assassin while giving a speech in Milwaukee. He continued to deliver his speech with the bullet in his chest.

On his epitaph, which he composed, Jefferson mentions that he was the author of the Declaration of Independence and the Statuette of Virginia for Religious Freedom and that he was the father of the University of Virginia. He neglected to mention he had been the President of the United States.

Teddy Roosevelt’s last request before dying was “Please put out the light.” Thomas Jefferson’s last words were “This is the Fourth?” John Adam’s dying words were “Thomas Jefferson still survives,” unaware that Jefferson had passed away a few hours earlier.

No president has ever been an only child.

Every so often, Calvin Coolidge would press all the buttons on the President’s desk and hide and watch his staff run in. He would then pop out from behind the door and say that he was just seeing if everyone was working.

The presidential faces on Mount Rushmore are as high as a five-story building, about 60′ from chin to top of the head. The pupils of eyes are 4′ across and the mouths are 18′ wide. The carving took 14 years, from 1927-1941. The total cost was about $990,000. A total 450,000 tons of stone was removed.

  1. charlene wrobel says:

    but were the assailants democrats or republicans?

  2. Teddy R is clearly a boss for talking with a bullet in his chest. Lol

  3. cakeyizumi says:

    Thank you so much for visited my blog continuously and liking it. You encourage me so much. I look forward to read more stories you write along the way as well..

  4. Shorty says:

    Just now referred to you by Hugh Foster; haven’t had time yet to absorb your whole and very intriguing site. If you have already referred to the mystery of the JFK assassination and Marilyn’s untimely death . . believed to be murder . . because of her association with that family; would you please advise where to find your reference to it.

    • The Dark Side of Camelot by Seymour Hersh is a very good source for all things Kennedy. MM was a drug addict who destroyed herself. However, there are many other skeletons in the closet.

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